About Us


Darbuka is the most important rhythm instrument of the eastern music. From B.C. to today it was used by the sivilizations in Anatolia, Mesopotomia and Middle Asia, passed through the phases and took its last shape as Arabic (Egyptian) and Turkish darbuka today.

The body was originally made using baked earth but it turned to be aluminium and copper. After all these changes, today each darbuka is made by the hand work of the masters of years. Various designs with the methods which are only used in Turkey are embroidered on the copper and aluminium darbukas and it supplies the rhythm that is the heart of music and accompanies the oriental dances.


As Kırmızıgül, we started our production experiences in 1978. When the production with hand-art was not so rare in Turkey, we had been given a long period of education by the masters of this job and afterwards we made a new step at production founding our company in 1996.

Today, we are serving the darbuka-lovers from beginners to the professionals with our aluminium and copper darbukas which are unique art-works hand-made by the masters of Erzincan embroidering. We have been running a new marketing strategy in the recent years, and as a result, our quality is getting better and better by exporting to Europe and other countries of the world. Lastly, we had the honour of participating 2018 Frankfurt MusikMesse which is the biggest music fair of the world with hundreds and thousands of visitors.

Our aim is to meet the experiences and the beauty of the past with the rhythm of today and carry it to tomorrow, helping the comminication between the cultures using the universality of the art.

Here is a great video showing you how we masterly craft our darbukas and doumbeks…


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